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Here at Acme How To, we take pride in our unbiased approach to reporting on making home improvement decisions. We understand the real world demands for product use, reliability and what features really matter. While we do have advertising, all of our articles are based upon our experience and research, never on advertising hype. We'll tell what we think of a product or service, and if we weren't impressed we will say so, our advertisers know this.

Our guides and articles will help you to understand the home improvement and remodeling process, the steps involved, the decisions you will need make and we provide you with the information to help you make thse decisions. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen, bathroom or your entire home or you just need advice on a new replacement appliance, we have got you covered.


Kitchen Remodel

Learn about planning a kitchen remodel, kitchen design ideas and all about the equipment and cabinet choices.

clawfoot bathtub

Bathroom Remodel

Learn about planning and completing a bathroom remodel project. Also learn about products and design ideas.

hard hat

Hiring a Contractor

Learn about how to select a contractor, what they do and what they charge.

La Cornue Range

New Appliances

Learn about the features and options in major and small appliances for your home.

Outdoor Living

Learn about equipment, projects and products for making the most of your backyard.

alarm bell

Home Security

Learn about home security measures, equipment and services to protect your home.

Home Theater How To Guides

Home Theater Basics

Learn about equipment choices, get explanations and definitions, learn how to set up a home theater and more.

Financing a Remodel

Learn about how to finance a remodeling project.

Home Decor


Learn about home decor ideas and design principles.

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