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How To Repair an Ice Maker

An icemaker is like an appliance inside an appliance. In many cases the icemaker is a complete and separate unit that is simply added onto a standard refrigerator freezer as upgrade feature. An icemaker's operation is dependent upon the freezer only to provide the cold and the electricity; everything else is a function of the ice maker itself.

If your ice maker or portable ice maker is malfunctioning, take a look at our troubleshooting chart to isolate the problem. From there we'll guide you in how to test and repair an ice maker.

Appliance Repair Guides

Testing & Repair Instructions
Control Module Test Replace
Ejector Gear Inspect Replace
Ejector Motor Test Replace
Fill Cup Inspect  
Holding Switch Test Replace
Ice Mold Heater Test  
Inlet Switch Test Replace
Shutoff Arm Check  
Shutoff Switch Test Replace
Supply Line Inspect Flush
Supply Valve Check  
Thermostat Test  
Water Inlet Valve Test  
Water Inlet Switch Test Replace

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