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Bathrooms are one of the most tailored rooms in a home. We design them for our comfort, both physical and esthetic. We make them into little sanctuaries where we can be alone and relax for a soak in the tub or to wake ourselves up with an invigorating shower.

Next to the kitchen, a bathroom is the most expensive room to build per square foot. Master bathrooms can be filled with so many features for comfort and relaxation along with beautiful decor items that staying on budget can be a real challenge. We can help you decide what should go into your budget and how to keep those costs under control.

In our resource guides we help you to plan your bathroom remodel, understand the process, learn about all the products available and to weigh the pros and cons of all the choices you will have to make. Finally, we simplify the challenge of finding all the bathroom products you want by bringing together comprehensive lists of products, overviews of features, price ranges and the retailers offering those products.

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Bathroom Layout Planning

Advantages of a Bidet

Developing a Bathroom Budget

Creating a Spa-like Master Bath

Hiring a Bath Designer

Bathroom Remodel : Return on Investment

Bathroom Project Order (What & When?)

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