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Kitchen Cabinetry Guide

Wow, there is so much to decide upon when choosing kitchen cabinets. Not just the obvious things, but details you never considered too; read more in our "Practical Considerations" article. Another challenge is knowing whether some of the features offered are really worthwhile. In "Recommended Cabinet Features" we'll tell you about all the features cabinets offer these days and which ones we think you'll really love.

Selecting cabinetry is daunting because there are so many styles of cabinets, finishes and wood species to choose from. We felt that our readers would appreciate a gallery where they could browse through a broad sampling of the possibilities to help them make their selections for their new kitchen. Check out our kitchen gallery.

Take a look at the articles and links below for information like understanding cabinet construction quality, the differences between custom, semi-custom and stock cabinets, how to get a good deal on cabinetry, plus links to manufacturers and other resources and a whole lot more.


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