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Pot Fillers

Have you been considering whether or not to install a pot filler in your kitchen or have you even heard of a pot filler? Pot fillers are a very simple idea, designed to add a small convenience to a kitchen. A pot filler is an articulated faucet, mounted on the wall behind the stovetop. The idea is that it allows one to fill large pots with water, conveniently, on the stove.

Apparently, the perceived problem is that lifting a heavy pot full of water and carrying it to the stove is more than the modern chef should be forced to bear. Well, maybe there is a little more to a pot-filler than carrying a pot full of water. A pot filler can be handy for adding more water to an already hot kettle of water. Also, some pots don't fit conveniently in the sink or don't fit conveniently under the faucet. A pot-filler also helps in those situations. Also, we strongly recommend a pot filler for anyone with mobility issues, arthritis or any condition that makes carrying a heavy pot, uncomfortable or difficult.

In reality, while a pot-filler may not be a mission critical enhancement to a kitchen, it is not terribly expensive to add one. Of the people we have surveyed, every one said that they do like the convenience and they would make the same decision again to install a pot filler. The cost of the filler comes down to the cost of the faucet and installation. If you are doing a full remodel of your kitchen, installation of the single cold water line is a snap for any plumber or do-it-yourselfer. It shouldn't take any more than thirty minutes to install. If you install a pot filler into an existing kitchen, installation is likely to be a little more difficult, but not terribly difficult. A plumber should be able to install one in roughly two hours into an existing kitchen. The faucets themselves run from about $150 to well over $1,000. However, a basic, simply designed model should be more than adequate and cost around $250. The installation including materials, should run about $75 for a remodel or around $310 for an existing kitchen, depending upon the complexity of the project.

A couple of considerations regarding pot fillers: They are installed without any kind of sink to catch dripping water. Some models have two control valves, as a guard against drips and accidental operation. Without a sink, there is always a risk of a dripping faucet causing water damage. Another important consideration is to make certain that the faucet is mounted high enough to provide adequate clearance over the tallest of your pots. Purchase your pot filler before installing the water supply line so as to be sure the supply line is properly placed for your particular faucet. Also, make sure the supply line and the faucet are positioned so that the pot filler can reach the location where the pot will be used. While you may be able to slide a pot of water around on the stove, during actual cooking, it will be a lot safer if the faucet can be brought to the pot, rather than the other way around.

For information and assistance with finding Pot Fillers, please refer to our Kitchen Faucet Section.

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