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Household Plumbing Basics

A residential plumbing system isn't all that complicated, but for many it is rather mysterious. While it is true there are some important skills that are required for some tasks, other tasks are easily completed if you just have a couple details on how it is done. Nobody really wants to read a book about how household plumbing works, so we have compiled a list of very short articles that teach you the basics about the plumbing in your home. Armed with this information, you can handle a variety of common plumbing repairs and better understand repairs that you may choose to hire a professional to handle.

Overview of Residential Plumbing

How To Turn Off the Water Main

How To Use a Plunger

How To Use a Closet Auger

How To Use a Blow Bag

How the Water Supply Works

How Drains Work

How To Use PTFE Tape

How To Use Pipe Dope

How To Solder Copper Pipe

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