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How To Shut Off the Gas Line

Plumbing Emergencies

Everyone should take the time to find their gas shut off valve before the need ever arises. In the event of a gas leak, quickly shutting off the gas can be life-saving. If you smell gas, or suspect a gas leak, leave your home, leave the door open and shut off the gas at the meter.

Caution: Please read our safety information before attempting any testing, maintenance or repairs. If you turn off your gas, leave it off. Contact your gas utility company to come out and restore service.

Locate the gas meter for your home. Typically, it is located along the perimeter of your home, often near where other utility services are located, such as your main electrical panel.

The gas shut-off valve is typically on the pipe, just above the ground, before it enters the gas meter. In the picture above, the gas valve is open and gas can flow.

A quarter turn of the flange will close the gas valve.

The gas meter should have a pipe coming out of the ground and another that enters the building, although other designs are possible. The shut off valve is usually located on the pipe coming out of the ground.

The shut off valve has a simple, square metal flange or tab. Use a pipe wrench, crescent wrench or pliers to turn the tab a quarter turn.

The the valve is closed when the tab on the valve is 90 degrees to the pipe. The valve is open when the tab is parallel in turned in the same direction as the gas line pipe.

If you turn off the gas, do not turn it back on. Contact your local gas utility to send someone out to restore service.

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