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Outdoor Patio Heating: Commercial Heaters

There are a many choices when it comes to outdoor heating equipment. But before the explosion of home patio heaters, you may have only seen outdoor heating in bistros and other outdoor venues. Radiant heat has been around for a long time for commercial applications, such as heating workers in a warehouse.

These heavy duty options still exist for outdoor heating. They are designed for high BTU output and for extended periods of use. Available in both electric and gas, they are designed to be hard-wired or plumbed for permanent installation.

They tend to lack the attractive appearance found on residential use equipment and employ a functional utilitarian design. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, it may actually work with your landscape. Furthermore, because most commercial equipment is designed for ceiling mount, it will be less prominent and may just disappear into the overhead.

Sunpak Radiant Heater

Many of the ceiling mount units are rectangular and come in a variety of lengths. These can be mounted in seating areas and other other covered parts of the patio. Some models are designed for use where they are exposed to the elements. One advantage to this overhead style is that it can be placed closer to people instead off to the side. Another advantage is that it doesn't take up valuable square footage.

The commercial patio heaters that look like the design now commonly available for home use, do not seem to offer an advantage over the less expensive home units. Commercial umbrella heaters' BTU output is about the same or only slightly greater. Their ruggedness seem roughly equivalent to home units. Operation is the same. Really we can't see a reason for opting for a more expensive commercial unit when the residential unit does the job just as well.

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