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How To Deer Proof Your Garden

Deer love to munch on the flowers, plants and trees that we love have in our gardens. Try as we might to discourage them, they continue to devour what we try to cultivate. By planting a garden, you have effectively put out an all you can eat salad bar for the deer. So what can be done?

To discourage deer from eating your garden, you have have four basic options.

  1. Fence the deer out.
  2. Scare the deer away.
  3. Make your garden unpleasant for deer.
  4. Choose plants that deer don't like.

How To Choose a Deer Fence

A deer in distress can jump an eight foot fence but it has to be fairly motivated. Deer in some places are known to jump over eight foot fences but for most regions eight feet is adequate to keep them out. Fences shorter than eight feet will serve as a deterrent, but will not be entirely effective. If there are visible obstacles, such as tall wooden stakes, in their landing zone, they will serve as a deterrent. Any fence is more effective if deer can't see what is on the other side. Fencing must completely enclose the area to be protected. Fencing only the sides where deer typically enter will simply result in the deer making a new pathway into your yard.

Traditionally, deer-proof fence has been made from woven wire. Now however, there are polypropylene products on the market that are lighter, cheaper and easy to install. Both types of fencing blend into the background and are fairly invisible. In a wooded environment, fencing can be stretched from tree to tree. Otherwise, tall fence posts will have to be installed. For long stretches a support wire can be strung along the top of the fencing to keep it from sagging.

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