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Choosing a Dishwasher

Dishwashers have more options than ever before and prices vary widely. While some options have clear value, some manufacturers have a range of dishwashers which are nearly indistinguishable and the manufacturer does little to make clear what benefits come with their highest priced models. The table below breaks out the key model distinctions and each style has a link to articles with more in depth information. Smaller differences, such as the number and type of wash cycles are more difficult to contrast and fall somewhere between useful feature and marketing gimmickry.

Key elements in choosing a dishwasher include the finish, whether the controls are visible or hidden (called "integrated"), the quietness of operation, loading convenience and most importantly the quality of the cleaning. Beyond those considerations, manufacturers offer features like water softening, in-line water heaters, delayed start, stainless steel interiors, upper and lower spray arms, tall tubs and more. Most manufacturers websites do a poor job of illustrating their dishwashers, making a visit to a showroom nearly a requirement. Unless you have no real concerns about the racks or loading, you should see the dishwasher you select in person if possible.

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