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Drawer Style Dishwashers

Dishwasher Drawers have gained in popularity over the past few years. They fit into the same space as a standard dishwasher but provide an upper and lower drawer which can be operated independently. The chief advantage of a drawer dishwasher is the ability to do a small load and use less water and energy. Although, many full size dishwashers also have a small load setting. Another advantage is the upper drawer is easy on the back for loading and unloading.

Dishwashers, including the drawer model, don't have to be near a sink. As long as they are plumbed in, they can be put anywhere. A dishwasher drawer might be a good choice for a location away from the sink. If you won't be scraping and rinsing dishes (rinsing is rarely necessary for most dishwashers these days) then using a dishwasher drawer near the cabinet where glassware and dishes are stored could be very convenient. For that matter, you could locate a pull out trash can next to the drawers and scrape into that before loading. Areas like a bar, wine service, or drinking glass cabinet could all be a good choice for a dishwasher drawer.

The chief complaint for drawer model dishwashers is the limit on the size of dishes that can be placed inside. In a full size dishwasher, you can work with some oversized or odd shaped dishes to make them fit. But in a drawer, those large items can be a problem. A dishwasher drawer works best for one or two persons who don't create a big load of dishes after every meal. They also work well as a back up dishwasher to a full-sized primary unit. If you do a lot of entertaining, the drawer model can be convenient for taking the extra load, and for doing quick loads of drinking glasses.

For a list of manufacturers who offer drawer style dishwashers, see blow.

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