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Carafe Style Coffee Makers

This the number one selling style of coffee maker. The carafe coffee maker makes a pot of drip coffee, one pot at a time. Ideal for those who are serving several people or want more than one cup of coffee for themselves.

The ubiquitous Mr. Coffee is a carafe brewer, the little brother of restaurant style carafe brewers. Two key differences in the restaurant model are that it is typically plumbed with a water line to automatically refill the unit, and second, a much larger heating element to quickly heat the water for fast, high volume brewing.

Features are rich on these models, but because of fierce competition remain fairly reasonably priced. Common features include, timed start, automatic shutoff and brew strength control. Other features include water filtering, reusable mesh filters, built-in bean grinders, hot plate temperature control, extended programmability, brewing pause, and some models can be plumbed with a water line to eliminate filling.

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