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ThumbSaver Nailing Tool

We recently had the opportunity to test the ThumbSaver Nailing Tool. This device is designed to hold a nail, screw or other metal fastener with one hand while driving it with the other. It keeps your fingers away from the fastener so that you never hit your fingers with a hammer again. It also protects your fingers from screwdriver slips. They come in two sizes, both included in one package.

The tool uses a strong magnet to hold a nail in a small groove. The groove keeps the nail in the proper position for nailing. We tried it and it works very well. Even if we don't hit our fingers, it was very useful for holding a small nail in tight spaces.

Recently I had to secure some romex electrical cable with staples right up against top plate of a wall. It was difficult to reach above my head, get the staple over the wire and then hold it against the top of wall to hammer the staple home. I dropped dozens of staples before I remembered I had this tool in my box. I placed the staple in the groove, reached up and placed the staple over the wire, used the handle to scoot the wire up the top and then hammered it home. I flew through the rest of the task in no time.

We deliberately hammered on the tool itself to make sure it could withstand the punishment and it didn't even make a mark. The handle is sturdy with a rubber comfort grip. This is a rugged tool.

We handed one of these tools over to our resident construction foreman. Honestly, we thought he would refuse to use it; being a pro and all. Turns out that while he never hits his fingers when nailing, he did find it useful to extend his reach. There are times he has to lean out to reach the spot where a nail is going. He can get the hammer to the spot, but trying to hold on and stretch his other arm with the nail is often a challenge. He tried the ThumbSaver and was able to add just enough to his reach to make the task much easier.

This is one of those tools that you might think you wouldn't use often, but we kept finding ways to use it. We could live without the ThumbSaver, but it is a simple, handy tool that makes life simpler. We believe that having the right tool for the job is an important way to maintain a cool head and get top results. This is one of those tools, that when you need it, you are glad you have it. At $14.95 for the pair, we think you'll agree that it is money well spent.

[May 2007]

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