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Trash Compactor Troubleshooting Guide


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Compactor will not start

  • Make sure that the door is completely closed

  • Make sure the compactor is plugged in securely

  • Check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker

  • Test the power outlet for current

  • Inspect the electrical cord for damage

  • Eliminate use of an extension cord, if any is being used

  • Check the outlet voltage

  • Test the start switch

  • Test the tilt switch

  • Test the safety switch

  • Test the motor centrifugal switch

  • Check motor for overload

The motor runs but trash is not compacted

  • Drawer must be about 1/3 full before any compaction will take place

  • Check the outlet voltage

  • Check the power nuts for wear or obstructions

  • Check the power screws for wear or obstructions

  • Lubricate the power screws

  • Check the drive belt/chain/gears

Compactor starts but does not complete cycle (ram is stuck)

  • Object in trash may be causing door to trigger tilt switch

  • Check the motor for overload

  • Test the top limit switch

  • Check for loose connections

The drawer is stiff or difficult to open

  • Clean the drawer tracks

  • Inspect the drawer rollers

The door will not open

  • Return the ram to the top position

  • Turn off the dense pack switch

  • Push door closed while restarting compactor

  • Check the power screws for an obstruction

  • Check the power nuts for an obstruction

  • Check the ram for an obstruction

Compactor does not shut off

  • Test the top limit switch

  • Test the start switch

  • Check the ram pads

Compactor is noisy

  • Check the drive chain

  • Check the power screw sprockets

  • Check the drive gear

  • Lubricate the power screws

  • Inspect the ram pads

  • Check the ram cover

  • Tighten any screws

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