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How To Care For Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate Floor Maintenance

Wood laminate (acrylic) flooring is very easy to care for. It is virtually maintenance free. Follow these simple steps and your laminate floor will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Protect Your Laminate Floor

  • Doormats are important for stopping dirt and moisture at the door. Place a doormat outside each entrance to your home to trap dirt before it gets tracked inside.

  • Chairs and light furniture that might be moved across the floor should have felt pads installed on the feet. Heavy furniture should have floor protectors to reduce the risk of indentations.

  • Do not allow water to stand on the flooring, it should be wiped up promptly. The surface is impermeable, but water can enter the joints between planks.

Routine Care for a Laminate Floor

  • Vacuum or use a dust mop regularly. A damp cloth can be used for spot cleaning.

  • To clean spills, wipe up with a cloth or sponge.

  • Soaps, waxes. polishes and other mop & shine products are not necessary and in fact they may dull your finish.

  • Never use abrasives, such as scouring powder or steel wool on a laminate floor, it will scratch the finish.

  • For a more thorough cleaning, simply mop with a lightly damp mop. If it is leaving water behind, it is too wet.

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