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How To Avoid Common Decorating Mistakes

Sometimes good judgement is suddenly absent when we fall for a particular color, trendy new decorating scheme, or piece of furniture. Treat your new decorating interest as you would any healthy relationship: give it space, get to know it, and if it isn't the right thing, let it go. For example, you might love orange. You might love orange so much, that for a brief and shining instant, you decide that everything in your home should be in that glorious, sunny color. But, take a step back and use that favorite color, pattern or style as an accent. By using a little restraint, you'll find that you've created a showcase and allowed that favorite item or theme to really pop.


As football great Doug Williams and other sporting figures have said, never give up, never give in. Multiple responsibilities, multiple occupants with changing needs, ever variable trends and seemingly limitless options can all lead even the most avid home decorator to throw up their hands and let a catalog, contracted professional or even entropy determine their décor. Remaining pro-active and involved will be worth the reward of seeing your time and resources well-spent to achieve a result you can be proud of. Keep a record of all the measurements for floor plans, furniture dimensions and other key items. Do your research to find out what's available, and make a note of what appeals to you. Don't succumb to pressure or impulse and buy something that either won't fit or doesn't suit your lifestyle, or to keep things which you don't use or enjoy. Even after decoration is complete, observe what works well, and make adjustments to what doesn't. Staying in the game will help ensure that your décor will continue to adapt to fill your needs, and maximize your investment.

Breaking the Bank

This tip isn't actually about expense, although staying within your planned budget is always wise. Breaking the bank in terns of décor happens when you have just too many colors, trends, patterns, objects cluttering up your house both visually and physically. People find it difficult to let possessions go, even as they accumulate over the years. It's also challenging to choose between all the decorating options that are available, and sometimes people go overboard and simply try to do too much at once. Streamlining your lifestyle will help you relax and enjoy the results of your hard work. If you have a minimal or moderate amount of clutter, for every two or three things you decide to keep, try to find one that you can get rid of. For more cluttered households, get rid of two or three things for every one that you keep. Look at your edited collection of furniture and decorative items, and see if a theme emerges naturally. If you'd like more variety without accidentally overdoing it, try two or three different color palettes or styles used in separate areas of the home.

Living on the Edge

Many people may not realize that decorating improperly can create hazards in the home, such as with unsecured furniture or rugs. Poor choices can also lead to furniture or placement that is simply uncomfortable. Choose furniture that fits well in its allotted space in the home, and that is comfortable for the occupants. Place it to allow for traffic, creating gathering areas within the center areas, and space around the perimeter. Have a comfortable level of ambient light so that people can navigate safely and freely. Remember that over lighting is also a mistake, and supplement the general light with task lighting where needed. Keep cords from lamps and electronics organized and out of the way, with the appropriate cable ties or tape. Rugs should also be secured. Placing rugs on top of non-slip mats helps reduce sliding, as does securing the edges underneath furniture legs where possible.

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