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How To Fix a Toilet

You'll probably be surprised by how easy it is to repair a toilet. A plumber can get pretty expensive; but all you need is half an hour and some basic tools, so why not save money and fix it yourself?

Our step-by-step guides help you to diagnose a problem with a toilet and then explains how to fix the toilet. Whether you need to unclog a toilet, stop a running toilet, replace toilet parts, make a toilet flush properly, silence a noisy toilet, remove a rusted bolt, stop odor problems, replace the wax seal or repair any other toilet problem, our free articles will help.

How a Toilet Works

Troubleshooting Toilet Problems

How To Unclog a Toilet

How to Install a Toilet

Turn Your Toilet into a Bidet

How To Stop a Running Toilet

How To Stop a Bowl Overflow

How To Replace a Toilet Seat

Toilet Repair Instructions

Fill valve or Ballcock Check Replace
Flapper, Stopper or Flush valve Adjust  
Float Adjust  
Handle Replace  
Handle Linkage Adjust  
Overflow Tube Inspect & Adjust
Running / Flushing Toilet Locate  
Tank Bolts Check or Replace
Toilet Seat   Replace
Unclog   Repair
Water Level Adjust  
Water Valve Check Replace
Wax Seal or Ring   Replace

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