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Choosing the Right Roller

Choosing a paint roller is pretty straightforward. Most handles will do the job. Better handles have more comfortable grips, have threads that will hold tight to an extension pole and will hold the roller tightly.

When used with an extension pole, rollers may tend to flex, so try it out at the store. Install the extension into the roller handle and use the roller as you would at home. If the unit flexes too much, you should probably choose different equipment.

It is important to choose the right roller cover with the right nap for the task at hand. Nylon roller covers are fine for oil or water based paints. Natural fiber naps should only be used with oil based paints.

A quality roller cover should have beveled ends; the nap tapers off at the ends. Otherwise, it will leave messy edge beads. Covers with paper tubes will not be reusable and are more prone to yield poor results. Even if you are not likely to reuse the cover, we recommend purchasing covers with resin tubes. They are better built, shed less fiber and provide the smoothest results.

Select the proper nap (fiber length) for your job.

  • Smooth surfaces use the shortest naps, up to 1/4"
  • Lightly textured walls use 3/8"
  • Moderate texture like stucco and concrete use a nap up to 3/4"
  • Heavy texture and irregular surfaces, like brick, use a nap of 1" or more.

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