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How To Configure Windows to Share a Printer

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The printer is now shared. If this PC has Windows XP, it will install the printer onto other PCs on the network automatically. However, for other versions of Windows, or to add a printer manually, follow the steps below.

How To Add a Network Printer

  1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel, Printers.
  2. Click "Add a printer".
  3. After the Add Printer Wizard starts, click Next.
  4. Click on "Network printer" and then click Next.
  5. Leave the name field blank and click "Browse" or "Next" to browse the network for the printer.
  6. Find the printer in the list or click the "+" sign next to the PC name that hosts the printer.
  7. Select the printer and click "Next"
  8. If you receive a warning, click "Yes".
  9. Choose "Yes" or "No" to make this the default printer for this PC. Click "Next".
  10. Click "Finish".

The printer should now appear in your list of printers. You can now use this printer for all printing, as long as the PC to which the printer is connected is turned on.

Troubleshooting Tip:

In a worse case scenario, where you receive errors when trying to install the printer drivers onto one of the PCs, try this. On the PC that you are having difficulty, physically install the printer as per the manufacturers instructions. Connect the printer and install the drivers just as though this printer was intended to be connected to this PC. Once you can successfully print from this PC, disconnect the printer and move it back to its proper location. Back on the problem PC, leave the printer in the list of printers but now follow the instructions above to install a network printer. Because the drivers are now already installed on your PC, the network version should install without a problem.

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