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Washing Machine Tips & Advice


  • Make sure your washer is level; front to back and side to side.

  • Add the detergent before the clothes so it can fully dissolve.

  • Pretreat and soak stains before washing.

  • Use burst resistant water hoses to avoid disaster.

  • Turn off the water supply to the washer when on vacation.

  • To clean soap and hard water deposits, run an empty load with warm water set to the largest load and add two pints of white vinegar.


  • Don't dry clothing if it is still stained; retreat and rewash it.

  • Don't overload the washer, the clothes won't get as clean and you may wear out the washer faster.

  • Don't wash a load with too little water, it puts a strain on the machine and wears out the clothes faster.

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