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How To Replace the Overload Protector

The overload protector (labeled "B" below) is connected by two wires. One wire connects to the compressor relay (labeled "A") with a slip-on connector. Pull the connector firmly off of the relay terminal (do not pull on the wire). You may need to use a pair of needle-nose pliers to remove the connector. Inspect the connector for corrosion. If the connector is corroded it should be cleaned or replaced.

The overload protector is held in place with a round spring clip. Using a screwdriver, pry open the spring clip and remove the overload protector.

Reattach the wires to the new overload protector. Open the spring clamp and place the overload protector in position. Release the spring clamp to hold the protector in place. Replace the terminal cover box and plug in the freezer.

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