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How To Clean Carpet and Rug Stains

With gravity ever-present, your rugs and carpets haven't got a fighting chance against spills. Spills and stains on carpet are inevitable. So, we have compiled instructions on how to deal with the most common household spills and stains.

As is the case with most stains, you get the best results by acting quickly. Get the stain up before it has had time to dry and set. To get started, find the type of carpet stain below and follow the link to the instructions for getting rid of that type of stain. For instructions on how to clean stains from other materials and surfaces, check out our main section of our stain cleaning guides.

Blood Stains Mold & Mildew Stains
Crayon Stains Oil & Grease Stains
Food Stains Paint Spills
Glue Pet Stains
Grass Stains Rust
Gum Silk & Wool Rug Cleaning
Ink Stains Wax

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