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Selecting a Refrigerator

Refrigerators - There are several styles to choose from, side-by-side, freezer on top, freezer on bottom, French door, cabinet depth, refrigerated drawers and built-in. Each has its own pros and cons. Once you choose the type, then you will need to consider the size your kitchen can accommodate. Both height and width vary on different models. If your kitchen design is flexible, then find the fridge you want first and then design the kitchen space to fit. If you have a fixed space for the fridge, then you will have to determine what that space is and choose only refrigerators that are that size or smaller.

If you plan to mount cabinet panels on your fridge, to match your cabinets, there are fewer appliance choices available. Finally, once you have narrowed your selection, your decision will be influenced by the fridges interior. Are the shelves adjustable to useful heights (will milk cartons fit for example). Will door shelves and drawers hold enough? Is everything easily accessible for your needs? Read our Buying Guide below for more details on these topics.

Refrigerator Buying Guides

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