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Waste Disposal - Whether you call it a garbage disposer, disposal or grinder, they all do the same thing; grind up kitchen scraps and waste and send it down the kitchen drain. Most people don't spend a lot of time on choosing a disposer, in fact many leave it up to the plumber. However, there are a couple of points worth considering. So don't leave it up to your plumber; pick a model that will do the job well. Take a look at our Garbage Disposer Buying Guide for information to help you make the right choices.

When choosing a garbage disposer, consider the horsepower rating, noise level, warranty and choose between a continuous feed or a batch feed model. Learn all the details in the articles listed below.

Garbage Disposal Buying Guides

Garbage Disposal Buying Guide

Continuous vs: Batch Feed

How Many Horsepower Do I Need?

Disposal Do's and Don'ts

How To Install a Garbage Disposal

How To Get the Best Deal on Appliances

Is a Long Warranty Worthwhile?

Disposals by Manufacturer
Disposals by Type Major Retailers

KitchenAid $119 - $419

Waste King $70 - $239

Maytag $119 - $329

In-Sink-Erator $80 - $319

Mountain Plumbing $210 - $469

Kenmore $85 - $290

Continuous Feed

Batch Feed

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*All prices are estimated MSRP

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