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Clothes Dryers - While all washing machines are electric, you can choose a clothes dryers that runs on electricity or gas. If gas, a dryer can run on natural gas or propane, although a conversion device may be necessary for the model you choose. Most people select a dryer that uses the same energy source as there last dryer. However, if you are remodeling, you have an opportunity to change energy sources. To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of either a gas or electric dryer, take a look at our "Gas vs: Electric" article below.

Choosing a dryer that will serve you well can depend on a variety of factors. To learn more about the features and benefits of the latest models of clothes dryers, take a look at our "Clothes Dryer Buying Guide".

Utilizing space wisely is an important consideration when remodeling, a space saving stackable model might be a good choice for your home. A second washer and dryer might serve as a helpful back up laundry. Consider a primary laundry room in one part of your home for the bulk of the laundry and a stackable washer and dryer for sheets and towels in another part of the house; it may be just the thing to simply doing laundry.

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